Professionals I am proud to associate with & recommend

Judy Powell, Family Law Attorney

Judy Powell will provide legal services.  She is a true advocate for peaceful negotiations, and will secure your families best interests when necessary to litigate. Contact her at (516) 222-1111.

Gary Jacobs

If you find yourself stuck in the litigation world and need help to navigate it or get out, call Gary Jacobs, President,. Americans For Legal Reform (516) 455-6631.

Ms. Diana Montanez

Therapeutic Massage and physical wellness by Ms. Diana Montanez , licensed massage therapist.  Contact her at (917) 792-1723.

Danielle A. Nigro Skokan, PhD

Danielle A. Nigro Skokan has a PhD in holistic health, a masters degree in Health Science Physiology, and is an R.N.  She advocates mind, body and spirit balancing which creates a universal life force unique to each individual.  This approach helps the individual to reach optimum vibrant and radiant health.

For a consultation either by phone or in person, please call her at (631) 361-4970