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Chris Di Maggio, FIT Mediation coordinator, LI. New York 

Chris Di Maggio has a BA degree from Hunter Teachers College in Health and Family Education and a Masters from NYU in Family and Sex Education. He is a certified Family Life Coach, a Viet Nam Veteran and a licensed Real Estate Broker. He has worked for 3 years on a Family Law Task Force for Nassau County, developing Alternative Dispute Resolution programs, allowing mediators to hear & determine cases of divorcing couples. He has been a committeeman & member of NYSCDM and NYSDRA, NY States largest mediation organizations. He has written numerous articles dealing with subjects surrounding our "Divorce Culture." He is a practicing Divorce Mediator, quoted in Newsday & has been a guest speaker on many TV programs on Mediation. Chris devotes his efforts to expose legal flaws in matrimonial litigation and develop awareness that “Divorce is about relationships & relationships cannot be adjudicated,” We are living in the “Infamous Parental Alienation Era.” 

Chris Di Maggio, Separation & Divorce Mediator

I have been benefiting families by mediating for 15 years. I am one of the only mediators who has 3 years of Mediation legislative experience.   ​  Mediation is magic. It provides self-determination settlements with ease avoiding expensive litigation in court.  ​  Most people have no idea what goes on in the litigation process until they hire a lawyer and go through it. Many are shocked and become emotionally disconnected to the unintended consequences, and it's usually too late when things spiral out of control in the adversarial "fight to win" divorce court.  ​  My years of independent research for Nassau County on a family law task force has uncovered the weaknesses and propelled the positive features and benefits of mediation. Peaceful resolutions are more beneficial to children who won't have opportunity to escalate their emotions when they see their parents peacefully cooperating to resolve their problems. Save your resources for your kids, not the lawyers'.